Here’s some of the ways to use blackhat SEO, perhaps not so deviously.


You can pay Freelance writers who have access to massive news sites like BBC or Huffington Post, sites Google loves.They will create an article and get it published with your link, for a fee. It’s not cheap, and they write a genuinely good article, they just add in a link somewhere to your site. Boom, lots of authority.


If you’re a local business, in a small sized city or town, this strategy together with some directory entries would probably be enough to get you in the top 5 of your main searches on Google. Each article would cost between $500 – 1000 so it’s not cheap, but 2 or 3 and you’ll be found on Google by potential customers for a long time.


You can create websites specifically to link to your site. So you find an old domain that has good authority and is relevant to your site in some way. You buy it, create a simple website and then link it to your site. You do this 10-20 times and you have 20 relevant, authoritative links which would be enough to get you ranked on page of Google, probably in the top 5 (if you’re a local business).


Google doesn’t like these sites, they think it’s cheating, so if they find them they will remove them. But SEO experts know how to hide them and most of them don’t get found. They are called PBN’s or Private Blog Networks. For 10 such sites it would cost you between $500 and $1000


Finally, you can get a bit darker. Proper blackhat stuff. There are things that you can do, using software that creates a lot of links in a very short space of time. I mentioned it before, and it’s called Spamming Google. So rather than looking at quality links, you’re looking at quantity. I mean 20 thousand links or more.


If you link these to your website, Google will probably punish your site for using these tactics and no one would be able to find your site so ti would be a waste of time. So SEO guys use buffer sites. They create other websites, for example PBN’s but it could be pages on sites such as Reddit or Facebook, because Google trust these sites and they have millions of links anyway so what’s 20,000 more?


With these sites they Spam or create the ‘dirty links’ to these sites, not to your main site. This makes these pages (with your links on) more powerful, so because they link to your site, it makes your site more powerful too. This works because if Google finds something they don’t like, they don’t punish your website but these Buffer sites.


And that’s SEO in nutshell. You’ll need to make an ethical choice and make a decision on the amount of risk you’re willing to expose yourself to. But it’s pretty much about making sure the website is technically good, and then having the right type of links connecting to your site.


There’s also the social aspect. If you’re site has a lot of interaction with social media, this is also a good sign for Google because it means that right now your site is relevant. So running your social media accounts with your website is essential.


For local companies, just wanting to be found for a search related to their city (like physiotherapists Chippenham) then if you make sure your site is technically good, make sure you add your site to as many directories that are city related or industry related, then you’ll see some yourself close to page one of Google. A few of the right type of links and you should be good to go, it really shouldn’t be much more complicated than that, so nothing to be have to fork out thousands of pounds over.


But here’s some food for thought. Your SEO company will not tell you if they use black or white hat techniques. Ok, scrap that, they absolutely will tell you… they are White hat to their customers but they wont admit putting your site at risk,, but in reality you’ll never know.


If you’re worried about putting money into a blackhole, and never seeing results, like I did, Then you can learn to use software that shows you the Domain authority each website has, and how many links they have connected to their site, including yours. You can see for yourself what your competitors are doing and how your own site is improving. It’s actually easy to use and it just keeps you in the loop, you don’t have to rely on what your SEO company is telling you.


Most importantly, knowledge is power. Knowing how SEO works at a basic level means you are better placed to pick a suitable SEO company that’s going to help you get to no 1 spot of Google and literally bring customers to you. It makes it a lot harder for them to lie to you, you’re in control again.


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